Humanitarian Aid Projects



Life Impact UK brings immediate and long term relief to families and children living in desperate and impoverished in the Burma/Thailand border.

We provide things such as food, medicine, personal hygiene supplies, clothes and blankets. We also partner with other ministries, organizations and professionals to provide training in agricultural development and other long term solutions.


Some of our current projects include (but are not limited to):


  • Feeding programs in refugee camps.
  • Local and Village School support. 
  • Family support for impoverished villagers.
  • Hostels and orphanages.
  • Local Village support.




For many families living in this border town, children are seen more as a commodity rather than as a child. Little, if any, value is placed on their lives. The streets are full of barefoot children being used by their families to beg and dig in the trash for food and recyclables to sell. Abuse is a common occurrence and many of these children will end up being sold in Bangkok for child prostitution, to beg, or to be used in other forms of slavery.

Our Safe Home exists to intervene on behalf of these children - to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and to give them a home where they are loved, valued and raised to fulfill their God-given destiny.




Human trafficking is the second most lucrative business in the world - second only to drug trafficking. Along the Thailand/Burma border the two are being combined, as babies are being kidnapped or sold to traffickers who then use them to smuggle drugs and precious gems across the border.

Our Babies' Home provides a loving family that will give them all the attention and care they need, especially during their crucial first years. We celebrate their first steps, first day of kindergarten and all the special moments of their lives.

Our heart is to see these babies fully discover their purpose and become all that they were born to be.




On May 2, 2008 a cyclone hit Burma, leaving over one million people dead and another million destitute and dying. Thousands of children lost families, homes, villages - everything they had, and were left hopelessly roaming the streets... the perfect prey for human traffickers. Immediately, the Burmese military junta began sweeping the streets and refugee camps for orphaned children - taking them to be used as child soldiers, child wives or for slave labour.

Our team was able to rescue 50 children who are now protected in our Home and have been given back what they lost - a family, a sense of security and most importantly... hope for today and hope for their futures.




Escaping a corrupt and brutal regime in Burma, people are fleeing across the border in hope of a better life... only to find extortion, abuse, and exploitation waiting for them in Thailand. With no rights, being unable to speak the language, and having a different skin colour, they are easy targets for police, factory owners, and traffickers who are looking to take advantage of their desperation. Many of these people end up in situations similar to modern-day slavery, and others end up selling themselves or their children.

Most of the people who come through our doors have been exploited or abused in some form. We offer a safe place where they are given the chance to be healed, restored and equipped to start a new life. A place, not only where basic life necessities and vocational training are provided for them and their families... but where they can find a renewed hope for their futures.







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