IF YOU COULD...                      WOULD YOU?


a) prevent a child from ever being sold, abused or trafficked


b) rescue a child from slavery


c) be a part of bringing healing and restoration to a rescued child


...YOU CAN!!


GIVE!  Your giving, any amount, will make a difference to the life of a child today. You can help provide a safe home, a loving family, education, nutrition and medical care for an "at-risk" child.


SPEAK UP!  Tell someone - a friend, a business, your church... anyone who will listen. Bring awareness to this worldwide problem and this organisation. Tell everyone. Host a fundraiser for Life Impact UK at your home, school or workplace.


Please help us by making a donation to provide immediate and long term relief to families and children living in desperate and impoverished areas of Burma and Thailand. Your donation helps to alleviate suffering and improves their quality of life and gives them hope for the future.


Click here to make a secure online donation via your Credit Card. 

All Life Impact UK's donations are professionally managed by Virgin Money, a highly respected bank based in the United Kingdom. If you are a taxpayer in the United Kingdom please complete the Gift Aid section - so we can reclaim the income tax that you have paid on your donation.




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