Life Impact UK is a UK charity working in Thailand and staffed by volunteers from the UK. The Charity's mission statement is to:


  • Promote awareness of human trafficking, its causes, manifestations, its destructive effects and adverse consequences.


  • Contribute towards the prevention and relief of human suffering to anyone who may have been the victim of human trafficking, in particular through the provision to immediate support the provision of medical, physcological, education and social services.


  • Contribute to the relief of financial and other hardships of those who may have been the victims of human trafficking, in particular through assistance with housing, social and community re-integration.

Life Impact UK was set up in conjunction with Life Impact International, a non-profit American organisation founded by  Lana Vasquez in 2001. The rising epidemic of child trafficking and child slavery in South East Asia stirred a deep passion and vision to protect these innocent and "at risk" children. And so began the organisation's fight against child trafficking, exploitation and abuse - fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Life Impact UK was set up to bring awareness in the UK to the terrible human suffering being experienced by the most vulnerable in our society... children. Your donations help us to provide a safe home, a family, a sense of security and hope for their futures. 






Registered charity number 1149463

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