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It is estimated that over one third of victims of human trafficking come from, pass through or end up in South-East Asia!


Life Impact UK is a UK charity with volunteer staff based in Thailand helping to raise awareness of child trafficking, exploitation and abuse suffered by children in Burma. Child Trafficking: the transportation, transfer or harbouring of a child for the purpose of exploitation. The statistics make for terrifying reading:


- Two children per minute are trafficked for sexual exploitation.


- There are over 700,000 child soldiers in Burma, children used as slaves, human shields, minesweepers, porters and sex slaves.... more than any other country in the world.


- It is estimated that more than 165 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 are involved in some form of forced child labour.


- 80% of Thailand's prostitutes are under the age of 16.




On any given day you could find Bee running barefoot on the streets of this border town in Thailand. Her days consisted of digging in the trash for recyclables to sell, or begging with her two-year old sister on her hip. If, at the end of the day she didn't bring enough money home for her parents to drink and gamble away, she would be beaten.

Because she was getting older, her mother decided to sell and send her to Bangkok like she had done with Bee's older sister. The traffickers bought this little eight-year old girl for $16.

The traffickers were coming to pick her up at 4pm, just three hours after we found out about the situation. We pleaded with the family to let us take Bee and give her a better life, but they were only interested in money. We gave them $24 ($16 to pay back the traffickers and some extra 'pocket money' that they demanded) in exchange for this little girl's life. As we pulled away the traffickers pulled up - but they were too late!

That day the course of Bee's life was changed forever. She never has to fear being beaten for not earning enough money or living the life of a prostitute. She is one of many who are sold daily along this border, but on this particular day Bee did not become a statistic.




Moses was unwanted from the time he was born. His young parents were drug dealers, as well as users, and had no interest in their children. His sister had already been given away to another family member, but there was no one who could take care of Moses. His mother had no desire to keep her son and one evening she decided to throw her baby into the river. A friend in the area found out about what she was going to do, rescued the baby and brought him to our Home.

At ten months old, baby Moses was addicted to drugs. For the first two months he cried day and night as he detoxed from all the drugs in his little body. He also had pneumonia, blood in his lungs and bruises on his body that suggested he had been beaten. He was terrified to be held or touched by women.

Now Moses is a strong and healthy little boy and is no longer afraid of women. We are so grateful to have him in our family and we know that God has amazing plans for this little boy's life.



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